8 Fun Stats About Thanksgiving

fun stats about Thanksgiving

Did you know that you have president Abraham Lincoln to partially thank for, well, Thanksgiving? He officially made it a public holiday all the way back in 1862. Though we may know many of the facts behind the holiday, what about the numbers? Check out these fun stats about Thanksgiving.

Cost of a Family Meal

Shockingly, the average American family will spend about $49.12 on their big meal. Considering how many sides and dishes are on the table, that’s not too bad.

Holiday Travelers

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is spending time with loved ones. Traveling, however, is one of the worst parts. With 54.3 million travelers on the roads and in the skies, the journey can be long—but it’s definitely worth it!

Small Spending on the Big Meal

Collectively, Americans actually don’t spend a whole lot on their big meal. Considering the average cost a Thanksgiving dinner, and there are usually 10 or more attendees, Americans spend about $4 for each guest’s meal.

Importance of the Holiday

Exactly 50 percent of Americans believe that celebrating Thanksgiving is important. Twenty-six percent of Americans say that it’s “rather” important.


We can’t give out fun stats about Thanksgiving without talking about the turkey. The average turkey is about 16 pounds and will run you about $21.71—nearly half the average cost of the meal.

Turkey Production

We eat a lot of turkeys around this time of year. To keep up with the demand, farmers raised 244.75 million turkeys last year.

Online Shopping

Thanksgiving Day is for cooking and eating, right? That’s certainly true, but some folks want to get a head-start on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. By noon on Thanksgiving Day, 34 percent of Americans will have turned on their computers and begun their online shopping.


Each year, we find reasons to be thankful. In fact, we seem to have found even more reasons, with 41 percent of Americans believing that they have additional blessings to be grateful for this year.


This holiday season, you can bring something new to the table: these fun stats about Thanksgiving. If you’re still searching for a place live–and to serve your big meal—visit out our website here or call us at (229) 434-0804. Plus, for more on interesting facts and local living, come read our blog.