Local Spotlight: Albany and the Film Industry

Albany and the Film Industry

When you think of where people make movies, you probably picture sunny L.A. Well, that’s not actually the full picture! In fact, Albany and the film industry have enjoyed a mutually beneficial arrangement for decades. Wondering how that works? We’ll explain!

Why do people film movies in Albany?

Albany and the film industry are connected due to a bigger trend: making movies in Georgia. When creators make movies, television shows, or even videos in the Peach State, they can receive helpful tax credits!

There are few other reasons why people choose Albany and surrounding cities in Georgia, like Fitzgerald. Not only does our town have hidden places that look just like a dry desert, for example, but the area is a whole lot less crowded. That can make filming so much simpler!

What movies and shows have been filmed in Albany?

We bet by now, you’re wondering if any of your favorite films have been made in Albany! Well, it’s completely possible that they were. Here are just a few of the movies that had at least a scene or two shot in our terrific town:

  • The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012);
  • Flywheel (2003);
  • Overcomer (2019);
  • Episodes of the television show Project: Potemkin (2006 to 2010);
  • Facing the Giants (2008); and
  • Fireproof (2006).


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