6 Fast Facts About Albany, Georgia

Facts About Albany, Georgia

Albany. Small town feel, big city zeal. Nestled in Southwest Georgia and on the banks of the beautiful Flint River, our city has quite the story to tell. Something these facts about Albany, Georgia will confirm.

We go way back.

One of the more run of the mill facts about Albany, Georgia is the story of our heritage. Nelson Tift, a Southern lawmaker, founded and incorporated Albany in 1838.

Look to New York for our namesake.

We’re named after New York State’s Albany, which also happens to be the capital. That name was chosen because of Albany, Georgia’s shared feature with Albany, New York. Both rest at the head of passable rivers.

History runs through our streets.

A number of historic buildings call Albany home—and the National Register of Historic Places lists them proudly. These include the Carnegie Library of Albany and the Albany Municipal Auditorium. Albany also boasts the Albany Civil Rights Institute, which commemorates a speech Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made in 1961.

We are called by another name.

We wouldn’t be doing facts about Albany, Georgia justice without mentioning the city’s other moniker. Albany is also known as the “Artesian City.” We earned this title because of Albany’s distinction as the first city with a flowing artesian well east of the Mississippi River. As a result of our many wells, that name stuck!

We’re the birthplace of Ray Charles.

That’s right, the renowned singer-songwriter was born in Albany in 1930. The Ray Charles Plaza is a city fixture dedicated to his genius.

There’s something for everybody.

From fans of history to outdoor thrill seekers, Albany has something for everyone. Tour the Thronateeska Heritage Center, walk the galleries of the Albany Museum of Art, or enjoy the trails and views of Chehaw Park. You’ll find something to pass the time—and make a few memories along the way.


Albany, Georgia is a city where small town life meets big city luxury. Above all, it really does represent a community with opportunities for everyone.

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