In the News: A Better Way Grocers

A Better Way Grocers

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines a community as “a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.” It also defines community as a “fellowship,” one filled with people united together. A Better Way Grocers embodies both definitions, tackling food insecurity around our town. In fact, it helps feed our community—and it helps Albany flourish.

What is food insecurity?

A Better Way Grocers aims to put a dent in food insecurity. So, what exactly does that term mean? Sadly, about 11 percent of people in the United States are going hungry, according to That means they may struggle with food insecurity, which is marked by a lack of access to healthy, affordable food.

It also means that people may suffer from food insecurity, even if they have stock in the cupboards. We all need fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods in order to give our body the fuel it needs. We also need all that in sufficient qualities. Food insecurity can affect many people throughout their lives, worsening their health conditions, causing sickness, or even preventing children from growing properly.

What does A Better Way Grocers provide?

A Better Way Grocers provides nutritious food, such as meats, fruits, and veggies via mobile delivery. It also offers lower prices, making its stock more accessible. It also operates out of a food bus so it can move from place to place. This is incredibly important, since many people who deal with food insecurity also live in food deserts. Food deserts are spots where there are limited available and affordable grocery stores for residents, which means people have to take time and money to travel, depleting their resources even further.

How can I support A Better Way Grocers?

A Better Way Grocers also provides a way to give back—through your donations! You can call them at (229) 343-0445 to learn more or visit their site here. They’re a local nonprofit, and they could benefit greatly from the support of our community!

How is A Better Way Grocers helping in the time of COVID-19?

As COVID-19 moves across the world, food insecurity is also increasing. It’s very difficult for immunocompromised people, the elderly, and those dealing with financial difficulties to get food in general—much less the healthy fare that they need. Fortunately, A Better Way Grocers continues to help Albany. They are allowing immunocompromised and elderly customers to order from them at lower prices. Then, they will even safely bring the food straight to people’s doors.


A Better Way Grocers has shown love to our community since 2017, thanks to the hard work and dedication of its founders, Tiffany and Tommie Terrell. It will continue to help folks—so consider helping this amazing organization out with a humble donation. And to all of those who take the time to take care of others right now—thank you!

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