In the News: Transportation Upgrades in Albany

transportation upgrades in Albany

For many of us, our travels in the past year haven’t entailed too many exotic locations. Instead, they tended to follow the path from our bedroom to our living room, or even—gasp—our fridge. Well, when we start exploring in earnest again, we can anticipate some cool updates. Let’s look into the upcoming transportation upgrades in Albany, GA.

Southwest Georgia Regional Airport

The Southwest Georgia Regional Airport sees clear skies ahead. Why? This Albany-owned, non-hub commercial spot will receive a couple of improvements. From military operations to cargo and sorting, its operations have a big impact. And now, they can look forward to some extra assistance! Funded by federal grants and the state of Georgia, the updates will help the airport’s 34 planes work harder and faster.

First up, the airport will receive a whole new general aviation facility! Additionally, it will also host a to-be-constructed hanger for its planes.

As of recently, developers have sorted the upgrades into two distinct phases. Both should reach completion some time around April through June of 2023.

Albany Transit System

The other stop on our tour of transportation upgrades in Albany is the Albany Transit System. Construction will take place where Trailways Bus Terminal used to stand, on the spot where Jackson Street meets Oglethorpe Boulevard.

Once builders finish constructing it in 2022, it will serve as a hub for Greyhounds and Albany Transit buses. Combined with the projects at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, it brings the investment total to more than $10 million.

It also means travel won’t be the only thing speeding up around here. We can also look forward to more jobs and a stimulated economy too.


Okay, so we can’t climb in a plane at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport and head somewhere sunny. Still, the anticipated transportation upgrades in Albany will brighten our every day lives. Not only will they give us travel options with the transit system, but they’ll also bring jobs and money to our economy. Not too shabby!

The city plans to upgrade transportation options. As for us, we like to upgrade everyday life! Learn more about the Summer Lane lifestyle here. You can also catch up on Albany, GA news on our blog!