Coming Up: Summer Art Camps at the Albany Museum of Art

Summer Art Camps at the Albany Museum of Art

A sense of structure helps children thrive! With the school year ending, your kids have an empty schedule ahead of them. Fortunately, they can still make the world their canvas, all season long. All you have to do? Sign them up for one of the exciting summer art camps at the Albany Museum of Art. So, read on to learn about your options!

More on the Albany Museum of Art

The Albany Museum of Art functions as a hub of art and culture in our hometown. It first opened its doors in 1964 in a hosiery mill. Over the years, it moved to a park, and then to a spot by the West Campus of Albany State University.

When you visit the Albany Museum of Art, you can go through exhibits like “Work, Worship, and Community: Photography by Paul Kwilecki,” the “Butch Anthony Cabinet of Curiosity Tour,” and “Selected Works by Tom Ferguson.”

Additionally, they hold regular events. From art chats, to a succulents workshop, to adult book clubs, and more, they offer a space to gather and learn. They even offer a create-your-own event package! And now, they’re continuing their tradition of holding summer art camps at the Albany Museum of Art.

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All about the Art Camps

Children of many ages can get creative at the Albany Museum’s upcoming art camps. The museum will hold camps for the following groups:

  • Ages 2 to 4;
  • Grades kindergarten to fifth;
  • Grades first to fifth;
  • Ages 12 and older;
  • Middle schoolers; and
  • Middle and high schoolers.

Attendees can choose between half-day and full-day camps, both in person. Full-day camps will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Half-day camps will take place in two different sessions: one from 9 a.m. to noon and one from 1 to 4 p.m. They also offer a lunch program for an additional $30, though campers are welcome to bring their own lunches as well.

This year, the spots will close up quickly, with an estimated 12 per camp. They will also observe safety rules and regulations, including mandatory masking for those aged 4 and older.

Going Through the Options

You can find something for everyone at the Albany Museum’s Art camps. The options are:

  • The Art & Science of Food with Katie Locke;
  • Fantasy Art;
  • Fashion Forward with Heather Ashberry;
  • Art, Nature, and Intertwangleism Natural Arts Camp;
  • Illustration Camp with Elinor Saragoussi;
  • Littles Camp;
  • Mixed Up Mediums;
  • Digital Art; and
  • Artrepreneurs.

Please note that not all camps will be available to every mentioned age bracket!

Registration Details

You still have time to register your camper! The first camp starts on May 26, and the last kicks off on July 19. Go on their website to begin.

Also, as a tip: registration will be discounted for museum members!


Digital art, fashion, and even food—the summer art camps at the Albany Museum of Art will bring some color to the summer. Don’t forget to sign up your child before the season starts!

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