Local Spotlight: Thronateeska Heritage Center

Thronateeska Heritage Center

Kids and adults both know: learning doesn’t stop when you leave school! In fact, we have the chance to learn something new every day. No matter how old you are, you can find out about the fascinating world around you at Thronateeska Heritage Center in Albany, GA.

All About the Name

Thronateeska Heritage Center earns its name from a Muscogee Creek word. Roughly translated, “Thronateeska” is known as a “flint picking up place.”

More on Thronateeska Heritage Center

Old and new make the perfect pair at The Thronateeska Heritage Center. It features a mixture of recently-built fixtures and historic sections.

Thanks to the Thronateeska Heritage Foundation, the center gained non-profit status in 1974. Its unique campus offers a home to both a science museum and a history museum. And, as a fun fact, that home stands on the one and only all-brick street in town.

What can I do at Thronateeska Heritage Center?

Of course, you can always walk through its history and science museums—provided they’re both open. Currently, the curators at the history museum are looking for new collections to host!

And don’t forget about the Georgia Museum of Surveying & Mapping either! Combined, they include exhibits on subjects like:

  • Paleontology;
  • Archeology;
  • Physical science;
  • Exploration;
  • Hydrology;
  • And more.

Or, step back in time into Albany history with the center’s rail car display. After all, we once operated as a proud railroad town.

The center also goes cosmic! Next time you visit, check out its enormously-innovative HD planetarium. The Wetherbee Planetarium actually earned worldwide notice, having become the very first of its model—ever!

Visiting Details

The campus at Thronateeska Heritage Center awaits at 100 W. Roosevelt Ave. It opens from Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Note that while the museums do not charge admission, The Wetherbee Planetarium does. Shows run around 30 minutes long and cost $5 for those aged 4 and older. Kids aged 3 and younger can attend for free.


Hop aboard! The train to learning has pulled in the station at Thronateeska Heritage Center. So, if you want your wisdom to grow, you know where to go.

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