Coming Up: Peppermint Pops 30th Anniversary

Peppermint Pops 30th Anniversary

We know—the name “Peppermint Pops” sounds like a tasty treat! This beloved local performance is all kinds of sweet. Take in a musical show at the Peppermint Pops 30th Anniversary at the Albany Municipal Auditorium on Dec. 7.

More about Peppermint Pops 30th Anniversary

One of the best parts about the holidays? All the sugary treats, of course!

So, what is the event exactly? It’s a candy-themed musical show held at the Albany Municipal Auditorium. From soloists, to sing-alongs, to tunes from the Albany Symphony Orchestra, you can enjoy multiple wonderful winter performances.

Last year, the event went virtual. Soon, it will return for in-person visitors again, this time with an English-and-Irish-inspired theme. Get your tickets while you can!

About Bob’s Candies

One of the most popular candy creators, Bob’s Candies, plays an even bigger role in local celebrations. They actually inspired the Peppermint Pops 30th Anniversary. And, they even do their part to keep the yearly event running too.

Want to try their creations? Bob’s Candies makes candy canes and melt-in-your-mouth mints.

The Albany Symphony Orchestra

The Albany Symphony Orchestra has worked together with Bob’s Candies to create another great show. This talented group also comes from humble beginnings, with their first show taking place in a church gym in 1965.

In fact, it wasn’t until 1990 that the group actually moved into the Albany Municipal Auditorium. Before that, their shows took place at the Albany High School Auditorium!

The past few years have made it harder for amazing orchestras—like them—to gather and play. If you feel moved to give back, consider making a donation here or calling them at 229-430-8933 to learn about volunteering. You can also help just by sharing this blog!

Visiting details

We don’t have much longer to wait until the Peppermint Pops 30th Anniversary on Dec. 7 at 6:30 p.m. Still, tickets sell fast—so pick out yours here. They cost $12 for students, $22 for seniors, and $25 for adults. You can find the Albany Municipal Auditorium at 200 N. Jackson St.


Peppermint may be the taste of the season, but it looks like the Peppermint Pops 30th Anniversary provides the sounds of the season. If you want to ring in the most wonderful time of the year with an Albany favorite, you’ll love listening to all the beautiful music. Happy holidays, everyone!

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