Now Open: Decanter Chop House in Albany

Decanter Chop House in Albany

High-grade beef. Fresh seafood. Fine dining. Decanter Chop House in Albany has brought all of that and more to their new location at Stonebridge Golf & Country Club.

About Decanter Chop House in Albany

Located downstairs at Stonebridge Golf & Country Club, Decanter Chop House serves dishes from small plates to charcuterie boards to various steak and chop selections, fresh seafood, weekly specials, and an extensive wine and bourbon list.

Rob Michie, owner of Cork’s Charcuterie in Albany, along with the help of his wife, Melissa, had once again cultivated a culinary experience for the residents of Albany. This time it’s with a view of the beautiful Stonebridge fairways and lakes. This restaurant serves club members, residents, and visitors from all over, as well as serving as a venue for weddings, receptions, special events, and other functions.

Rob Michie is a graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute and an award-winning executive chef. Both he and Melissa share a vision of bringing the freshest selections to the table as well as providing a dining experience that includes more than just food and wine. Melissa has stated that their job is to blend both celebrations and eating into one enjoyable, sophisticated occasion.

Partnering with his niece, who is an award-winning executive chef in New York, Rob continues to create a unique restaurant experience.

The vision for Decanter Chop House in Albany first came from commercial Realtor Mary Carter. Carter said that when she heard Rob wanted a space to offer a new chop-oriented concept, she knew there was no better place than Stonebridge. “I am thrilled that the opening of Decanter will now make the Stonebridge environment available for all to enjoy,” Carter said. “The only thing more beautiful than a sunset at Stonebridge will be the food coming out of the kitchen.”

This restaurant officially opened on Friday, September 30. It offers a wide selection of food and drinks, as well as space for dancing, hosting events, and will soon feature free valet parking. 

The menu

Serving high-grade beef, chops, and seafood, Decanter doesn’t just stop there! The staff at Stonebridge will also serve upscale finger foods at the poolside grill, such as bourbon-soaked quail breast Wellington.

Check out the restaurant menu options below.

  • Small plates
  • Charcuterie
  • Alternative selections
  • Chefs’ weekend culinary creations
  • Prime reserve beef program
  • Dry aged program
  • Wagyu beef program

Head over to the Decanter Facebook page to see their full menu.


Decanter Chop House in Albany is located downstairs at the Stonebridge Golf & Country Club. Head over to 319 Osprey Ridge Court today to enjoy the wonderful recipes Chef Michie has cooked up.


Ready to experience the world of food like never before? Visit Decanter Chop House in Albany this weekend.

Luckily for our residents, we are located less than 20 minutes away from this new tasty restaurant! Stop by Summer Lane at 2724 Ledo Road in Albany to see what else we have to offer you. Want to learn more about our community? Continue reading our blog!